Christmas tree Tower of London and Tower Bridge
London,  UK

Amazing Reasons to Visit London at Christmas

London may become darker, colder, and wetter in the month running up to Christmas, but there is something about being in this city at this time of year that means I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.  Whether you never visited the city, or are looking for an excuse to come back, there are many reasons why London at Christmas might just be the best time to visit.

I may have written why London in summer is so great, but here’s the reasons why I really love it during the festive season.

Christmas trees flank the Southbank Centre

Add a Little Sparkle to Your Life

Slingsby Place, Covent Garden

All of London waits every year to see what the Oxford Street Christmas lights will look like, seemingly appearing earlier and earlier each year. But there’s no denying that the lights make the city feel just a little bit brighter, especially when it starts getting dark at 4 pm.

Covent Garden

My favourite place to spot Christmas decorations is Covent Garden. It always features some great light displays and gorgeous decorations at the market.

Apple Market, Covent Garden

Become Enchanted by its Christmas Markets

Southbank Christmas Market

This may not be mainland Europe, but markets of little wooden chalets selling comfort food, sweets, and unique gifts crop up across London at this time of year. The Southbank’s Christmas Market, Wintertime, also includes a Christmas tree maze and cider lodge.

Southbank Christmas Market

Presenting You: On Ice

Tower of London ice skating rink

London’s ice rink begin opening up in mid-November in some stunning locations. Pivot around Christmas trees, glide past historic sites, and practice your spins in front of castles, museums, and more. Or, if you are someone like me that has with very little experience of ice, hold onto the rails and try not to fall over. You will still enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Trying out the ice

In addition to rinks at winter fairs such as Winter Wonderland, some of London’s best sites, including Natural History Museum, Somerset House, and the Tower of London, get the big freeze from mid to late November.

Take Care of Everyone on the Nice List

If you can’t find someone a gift in London, then they are truly impossible to buy for. Oxford Street will have most of the things on your list of course, should you be ready to brave the crowds. Personally I vow never to go there on a Saturday in December for the rest of my life, you barely get out alive. Meanwhile spots such as Covent Garden, and both Westfield locations should have everything on your list.

For any London Christmas shopping, I’d recommend going during the week if possible. Or why not avoid the worst of the crowds and find something truly special by checking out its many markets. You’ll find great gifts at Old Spitalfields Market and Camden Market. Places like these are perfect for something those on your list won’t find in their local shops. Independent shops are another great way to go. Areas such as Clapham’s Northcote Road, Hackney’s Broadway Market, or Bermondsey Street have a great selection.

Get Tipsy Off Mulled Wine and Cider

A pop-up sells boozy warmers along the Southbank

These drinks were a revelation to me when I first moved to the UK. I’d never had them back in North Carolina. Boozy, warming, and just delicious, hot red wine or cider that has been bubbling away with an array of seasonal spices really is Christmas in a cup. Those coming from the rest of the UK or Europe will be well acquainted with these winter warmers. But those who aren’t will be wanting to take the recipe home with them.

Eat in an Igloo (because why not)

Coppa Club, Tower Hill

One of the most instagrammable places to eat at Christmas has to be Coppa Club. Located on the Thames, next door to the Tower of London, this restaurant and bar are great for outdoor dining. For example, this past summer’s decor including a wisteria-covered terrace. And they’ve got the perfect solution when the weather gets cold: Igloos.

Further west, snowglobes and a ski lodge have popped up along the Thames, as part of Jimmy’s Lodge. Because your life has definitely been missing the chance to eat fondue inside of a plastic globe, naturally.

Snowglobes at Jimmy’s Lodge

Pretend You’re in a Christmas Film

Yes, I mean Love Actually. Almost every corner of this city features somewhere in this favourite holiday film. Christmas in London also features quite a bit in Bridget Jones’s Diary. Or if you are thinking less modern, A Christmas Carol was of course set in this foggy town.

Tired of the crowds? Catch the train to Surrey for the day. The Christmas-card perfect village of Godalming was the setting for the romantic fav The Holiday, starring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz.

Get a Festive Overload at a Winter Festival

Winter Wonderland by night

I couldn’t end this list without mentioning London’s most famous Christmas event. Every year, Hyde Park is transformed into a true Winter Wonderland. It has nearly everything on this list crammed into one spot. Oh, and add in some fairground rides too. There are market stalls, mulled wine and street food, ice skating, lights, and crowds as scary as a December Saturday on Oxford Street. Go during the week if you can.

Meanwhile, Winterville, an alternative, and in some ways even better version of the winter festival has moved from Victoria Park to Clapham Common this year. Expect top-notch street food, ice skating, rides, a cinema, and even a 9-hole crazy golf, all in my beloved SW.

Ferris wheel and Christmas tree at Winterville, Clapham Common

We checked it out on its opening day last week and it won’t be the last time I’m stopping by this year.

Entrance to Winterville
Festive fair atmosphere at Winterville

Although we miss the beer gardens, parks, and sunny evenings in winter, around Christmas London’s atmosphere never fails to lift my festive spirits in a way that spending it in the coastal US South never did. And with so much to see and do, it’s such a perfect time to see this city, fairy lights, warm booze, odd pop-ups and all.


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