Woman in yellow dress and sunhat in field of English lavender

Visiting English Lavender Fields Near London

Despite its huge crowds and growing number of developments, London remains a city that is still full of green spaces, making up approximately 47% of Greater London. But did you know there’s a massive purple space bordering it’s southern edges?

Mayfield Lavender Farm, located in Banstead near South London looks a world away from the busy city, yet still sits within the London travel zones.

The working farm becomes a popular spot to visit in summer when several varieties of lavender are in full bloom as far as the eye can see.

Matt took me to visit the lavender fields last Saturday, knowing it’s one of my favourite scents and to take a lot of violet-hued photos.

Easily one of the most beautiful things to see in summer, here’s what you should know before your own visit to the beautiful lavender fields near London.

The lavender fields

Visiting this place feels like stepping into the English countryside. The lavender fields were bigger than I expected, standing at the edge of the field, all I could see was purple.

We spent awhile wandering through the rows and exploring the farm, taking as many pictures as possible. Everything was in full bloom and the plants were buzzing with happy bees, ladybugs, beetles and more.

Ladybug on English lavender Bumblebee on English lavender

We did visit on a Sunday, and being a dry day, there were plenty of other people visiting, from families to professional photoshoots. But we still managed to find our own spaces to enjoy.

A path through the lavender fields at Mayfield Lavender Farm

A wooden gazebo sits in the background of lavender field at Mayfield Lavender Farm

Shop and cafe

I love the smell of lavender and it’s versatility, having so many therapeutic, culinary, and practical uses.

I came away with some lavender essential oil for aromatherapy and candle making, some dried lavender sachets for my closet (lavender keeps away months as well as smelling nice!), and some lavender shortbread cookies as a treat.

Best time to visit

It was just a couple of weeks ago (mid-July) when we visited and the lavender looked to be in full flower – it was gorgeous! Visit during the week if you can, it gets really busy on the weekend and the car park fills up quickly!

According to Mayfield Lavender Farms website, the lavender flowers and is at its most vibrant from late-June to around late August.

What else is there to do at the lavender farm?

lavender fields at Mayfield Lavender Farm bear London

A surprising amount! You can book lavender afternoon tea at the cafe or a private party in one of the wooden gazebos in the middle of the field. There’s a repurposed London telephone box that is a popular photo spot (we skipped it as didn’t want to queue behind a long line of instagrammers). Visitors can also take tractor rides around the field and there’s usually plenty of family activities on.

Getting there

This is one of the few lavender fields that is accessible without a car. We drove, but you can reach it by train then bus from central London. From London Victoria, you can get the train to West Croydon, Purley, or Sutton. Then either the 166 bus or cab from your chosen station. More on how to get there and other frequently asked questions can be found on their website.

Other need to knows

The farm is open from 1 June to 1 September, every day from 9-6 and costs £2.50 per adult to visit and kids under 16 go free.

Have you been to Mayfield Lavender Farm? Would it be your idea of a great day out?



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