Touring London’s Christmas Lights

I’m convinced nothing can put me in the Christmas spirit more than going to see London’s Christmas lights. This year, Christmas seemed to sneak up on me. By the beginning of December, I’m usually most of the way through my Christmas shopping. But this year, I’d just gotten back from Australia followed by a quick succession of various parties and shows with the rock choir I sing in.

As my previous post has stated, I’m a big fan of Christmas in London. And nothing puts me more in the Christmas mood than seeing the light displays. Matt and I put together a little walking route on Sunday evening to go see the lights in one night.

Starting point: Christmas lights on London’s Regent Street

Regent Street’s lights this year had an ethereal vibe about them. Sparkling swooping angels trailed star-like lights behind them down the street. The display has been roughly the same the past few years giving the street a classic style. But they are no less impressive for it.

Grab a hot chocolate while you walk down the street admiring the lights before making your way to Carnaby Street nearby. You can actually start your tour at Oxford Street, which always has some amazing lights, but I tend to skip it just out of sheer frustration with the huge crowds!

Regent Street Christmas Lights London 2019
Regent Street Christmas Lights London 2019

Carnaby Street’s lights with a difference

Carnaby Street consistently has some of the most amazing Christmas lights in London. Last year the street lit up with lyrics from Bohemian Rhapsody, while the year before was carnival themed. They are always my favourite ones in London. But I felt like this year’s Christmas lights were just spectacular.

Carnaby Street Project Zero Ocean themed lights Christmas Lights London 2019

Carnaby Street lit up with an undersea theme created in collaboration with Project 0, a charity working to conserve our oceans. All the decorations, from the whales, turtles and crabs to the floating jellyfish are made from sustainable recycled materials.

Jelly fish shaped Christmas lights on London Carnaby Street in 2019
Carnaby Street Project Zero Ocean themed lights Christmas Lights London 2019
Strings of jellyfish Christmas lights near Carnaby Street on Foubert's Place

Seven Dials’ sparkling lights

Merry Christmas Love Seven Dials Christmas lights in London

Seven Dials, near Covent Garden, is always glittering with lights this time of year. I loved this street above’s starry display. Head down Mercer Street or Earlham Street towards Covent Garden for even more festive decorations.

Covent Gardens’ festive decorations

Covent Garden Christmas decorations featuring giant silver baubles and mistletoe

From its mistletoe adorned market to its huge Christmas tree, Covent Garden is always a must-see at Christmas. The tree, 55 feet tall, festooned with red and white lights in a huge barrel pot, is my favourite tree in London.

Covent Garden Christmas Tree 2019

Meanwhile, there’s usually a sponsored display at the market. In the past this has included such displays as a Lego London skyline in a snowglobe. This year, Tiffany & Co. sponsored the display, featuring a mini ice rink, perfume bottle in a snowglobe and LOVE spelled out in Tiffany’s signature blue boxes.

Tiffanys perfume bottle in a snow globe surrounded by Christmas trees in Covent Garden
Love spelled out by Tiffany & Co blue boxes as part of Covent Garden's Christmas decorations 2019

End with a mulled wine at the Southbank Christmas Market

Southbank Christmas Market in London

End your tour of London’s Christmas lights by stopping by the Southbank’s Christmas market for some well earned food and drink. Along with street food stalls and drinks, the Southbank is always a great place to browse for crafts and gifts. We stopped for some food at one of its many stall for dinner before catching the train home.

There are plenty more London Christmas lights and displays to see around this amazing city. But the nice thing about this route is its all walkable and easy to do in one evening. You can find these and more Christmas lights in London here.

What’s your favourite thing to see at Christmas in your city/town?


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