When I was growing up on a small, quiet island off the coast of North Carolina, I was always counting down to my next adventure and dreaming of future destinations.  Now, from my new home on the small island that is Great Britain, I’m trying to see as much as I can by travelling the world as much as possible.

Even though I’m far from home, I took away a lifetime love of the beach (so expect some sun-soaked content), and a little about how hopefully not to be an obnoxious tourist (countless summers of working in retail in a tourist town will do that).  And although I still feel like a bit of a novice traveller, I’m an avid researcher, so I’m hoping my tips and inspiration prove useful (and entertaining).

This is the tales of my adventures of all the places I visit (with some Great British mini-breaks as well), whether the trip is with friends, family, or (usually) my probably-rather-be-watching-telly boyfriend.

I hope you find my guides and stories useful! And always happy to answer some questions in the comments!